Monday, February 24, 2014

FOR PARENTS: Is This A Scam? Will This Really Get My Kids Into Commercials?

A parent recently sent me this email: "Wendy, I have a question. I've spent quite a bit of money on an agency in Memphis, TN to get my son into modeling/acting. I'm just wondering if things like this usually cost $ upfront or am I getting scammed? HELP PLEASE!"

HERE IS MY ANSWER: Parents, if you have a child you want to get into modeling or commercials, you should be able to send his/her picture to any talent agency for the cost of postage. If they are interested in your child they will ask to meet you and the child and evaluate their skill level, personality and your attitude. If all three are agreeable to the agency, they will typically sign your child to a 1 year contract. Next they will submit your child's picture to casting directors to try to get them auditions or casting opportunities. Sometimes they use the pictures you give them. Usually not.

They should not be charging ANY kind of up front fee. Period. Now realize early on, after they have been signed to an agency or manager, your child will need professional pictures to submit to casting directors. Typically agencies give parents a list of photographers they recommend you shoot with. Once you have choosen which photographer you prefer you go get professional pictures taken of your child. The agent would then look at them, pick a few of their favorites and use them to suggest your child for potential projects. Be wary of any agency that makes you choose a specific photographer or shoot with their photographer. Legit agencies don't care where you get the shots just as long as they are good and they can use them.

If your child is selected to do a project, you will be paid and the agent will be paid 10% of whatever you make. That is the only way it works. No legit agency takes upfront money, ever. Agencies are paid ONLY if your child works.

Now that being said, there are showcases across the country that take place where a parent pays (sometimes handsomely) for the child to attend audition for managers, agents and casting directors. To be clear this can cost hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. The event is to give children an opportunity to be seen by legit industry people. And yes, the person putting it on is making a profit from the event. Fees are involved here because Agents, Manager and Casting Directors are always paid hundreds of $$ to attend, so parents are charged so these people can be paid. And the space needs to be rented, food needs to be provided for the showbiz reps. The more industry pros they bring in, the more expensive the cost of the show case will be. Also the more kids that sign up, the more profit there is in it for the organizer. Some events are terrific some not so much.

Now many times a kiddo with talent, or a great look will be noticed by the professionals in the room and can get an agent, manager or even audition with a casting director. However, the majority of kids are over looked for a multitude of reasons including; the child is not talented enough, not practiced enough, not good enough, mumbles, doesn't sing in key, looks down the whole time, poor eye contact, etc. 

On the other hand…. a child may get chosen for representation if they have great look, do something funny in the reading, are cute, or quirky, different…or something about a child just appeals to a specific industry pro. Recently, I attend a great showcase with top agents, managers and casting directors. I saw about 75 kids and of them 5 amazing kids!  However,  MOST of the children needed way more acting training. I often follow up with parents of kids that I really am interested in managing. 

Remember though we see thousands of kids every year. We can always tell when a child is ready to be there. Parents never can tell. Every parent thinks their kid is special and ready for the big time. Do your child a favor, get them some acting lessons for kids and definitely some improvisation classes for kids so they have some training and can do better in the room with industry pros. Most kids without Improv training are too stiff. Stiff kids don't get agents and managers. And please, if you are not a professional acting teacher, do NOT coach your child on acting. You are more likely to mess them up rather than help. Get your kids into real acting classes with professional acting teachers who know what they are doing. Then your child will do much better!

So yes, showcases are paid events. Money exchanges hands in order for a child to attend. But signing with an agency should cost you ZERO $$. And if you don't have money to spend enrolling your child in paid showcases, just make a list of potential agencies, have some good pictures taken of your child and send them to child agents. You can even send a school photo. or take one yourself. Just be sure your child is clean, dressed nice and has great energy in the photo. No blurry pics, or runny noses, no kids hanging from a tree or upside down. Just straight forward, against a blank wall, looking at the camera, smiling, happy, friendly or even serious.

That alone could get you meetings with agencies without ever having to spend another dime. 

Wendy Alane Wright
The Hollywood Talent Manager

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Great Jobs For Actors!

Get A Job

Once you find a place and get settled, the first thing you need to do is get a job.

Typically, auditions take place in the mornings and afternoons. So a nighttime job is helpful or a very flexible day job where you can set your own hours. The most important thing when considering a job is their flexibility in letting you leave for auditions, or switching hours. You came here to become a professional entertainer, so don't get stuck in a job that doesn't let you build your career. Hopefully you came here with at least $8,000 so you could get started on "opening" your new acting business.

Your first year in LA should be acclimating yourself to your new city. Getting your place to live secured, creating a stable source of income and saving money from your new job. Be realistic. Becoming a successful actor takes 10-15 years. You are here to create a life; the life of an actor. Not to become an overnight success. That rarely happens perhaps as often as being struck by lighting twice, in the same part of your body. It is so rare you should just forget about that happening. And if you think it's going to happen like that go home, because you will be in for a HUGE disappointment. Instead, you will get there the way every other actor has, at least 99.99999999 % of them; with hard work, perseverance, talent, the connections you build, doing good strong acting work, knowledge, marketing yourself and NEVER GIVING UP. 


  • Interior Designer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Bar Tender
  • Waitress
  • Office Temp
  • Dog Walker
  • Tutor
  • Freelance Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Builder
  • Programming
  • SEO & Internet Marketing
  • Research Assistant
  • Script Reader
  • TeleMarketing
  • Process Server
  • Event Planner
  • Caterer
  • Promotional Modeling
  • Photographer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Web Marketing /Social Media Consultant
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Kids Party Characters
  • Grant Writing
  • Public Relations
  • e-Bay Traders
  • Jewelery Maker
  • Aromatherapist
  • Proof Reader
  • Hairdresser
  • Limo Driver
  • Drug Rep For Pharmaceutical Company
  • Casting Camera Assistant
  • House Sitter
  • 24 Hours Kinkos/FedEx or Taco Bell
  • Make Up Artist for Photographers
  • Computer Repair
  • massage Therapist
  • Craft Services
  • Demo Reel Editor
  • Census Worker / Exit Poll Worker
  • Singing Teacher
  • Dance Instructor
  • Ceramic Worker
  • Demo Singer
  • Wedding Singer
  • Research Assistant

So... there are some great jobs to get your started on the path to your independence. Try to make enough money from the jobs above to gain some financial freedom and flexibility. Then you'll can concentrate on building your acting career too. You'll also have plenty of cash to help you afford the $8,000 a year acting expenses every actor has.

Good Luck!

Wendy Alane Wright

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Do You Have What It Takes To Make It?

Do You Have What It Takes To Make It?
A lot of people think they can just pack up and move to Los Angeles to become a Star. But I’m telling you the real work begins at home, in your home town. Before you make that move to another state where you will become a small fish in a huge pond, you should first become a huge fish in your small pond.

There is so much you can be doing right where you live. If you have a dream you need to find local opportunities to develop your talent. If you aren’t the best where you are from, you won’t be able to compete with the best in a big market. You have to develop your skills, talent and experience where you live first. So if you ever do move to big market you’ll be competitive.

First lets see if you really have talent. Do you really sing as well as everyone is telling you, family and friends? Because most people don’t. Do you really have a voice that is under control, in pitch and pleasant or unique to listen to. Or is everybody really off base? Do you have the confidence to stand in front of an audience and be judged? So many people think they have what it takes and they don’t. Are you singing and performing live every chance you get?  When Judy Garland was a little girl she performed at local Kiwanis Club, Lions Clubs, fairs and festivals with her sister long before she became a star. Are you looking for local voice over work or jingle work with local ad agencies? Are you writing your own songs? Making your own music videos, joining a band? Have you performed in local singing contests? Did you win sometimes? Are you a great performer? Do you know how to connect with an audience? Are you in the studio recording a demo? Do you perform at corporate events? Are you getting paid in your own town to do what you dream of?

Are you doing community theater? Are you doing high school or college theater? Have you taken the best acting classes you can find and become the best actor you can be? Can you act? Are you taking On Camera Commercial classes, and Audition classes? Have you met with local film makers? Do you have a demo reel of your acting? Have you presented your acting reel to local talent agencies? Are you involved in a local tv show? Have you contacted your local college’s film department and acted in any student films? Do you write and shoot your own films? Do you put on plays for your neighbors or community? Are you getting paid to act in your homeown?

Are you photogenic? Do you know how to pose? Do you know 20 poses that you can move from one to the other? Do you know your local photographers? Have you shot with any of them to get experience and pictures for your book? Have you contacted local adverting agencies? Have you contacted local stores to see if you can model for them? Do you participate in runway fashion shows? Have you participated in beauty pageants? Do you win? How much do you practice? Have you contacted local modeling agencies? Are you getting paid to model in your hometown?

Have you taken on Camera Commercial classes? Are you a good reader? Do you have a good speaking voice? Do you practice Commercial copy and shoot mock commercials copying the ones you see on tv? Have you contacted local commercial talent agencies? Do you book the auditions you go on? Are you any good- compared to the commercials you see on tv? Have you contacted local business to see if you can be in their local tv commercials? Are you getting paid to do commercials in your small town?

Is this your dream or your parents? Are your parents pushing you, or are you asking your parents if you can be on tv, or do plays and commercials? Do you like acting classes? Do you like being in front of other people, the center of attention? Are you in acting classes? (Many parents put their kids in John Robert Powers Classes- hoping they’ll get discovered in their annual showcases)

Are your kids really talented? Do they really have what it takes/ Do they stand out, are they unique, are they better than others? Or are their parents delusional? (as so many are)

What local opportunities are in your town? Annual events? Special Appearances? Kooky Opportunities? Businesses looking for spokespeople, or models, or people with unusual talents? Local commercials, movie makers? What are your local Talent Agencies, and local Modeling agencies?

Before you move anywhere you should become the best you can be right where you are. When you are the best, opportunities will follow. Most people aren’t willing to work as hard for what they want as they think they are. Most people can’t walk through their own fears. But if you are really talented and want the whole world to know…you have start at home first. Become a local star… and then you just may have a shot at becoming a superstar.

As a talent manager I can come into your town and figure out who really has the talent to be successful. I looks at your acting reels, singing demos, headshots and tell you honestly how good your singing, modeling or acting skills currently are. I can tell you what you need to do to develop your talent. To become a stronger performer and teach you how to look for local opportunities where you can shine. I can arrange opportunities for you with local businesses, agencies and filmmakers.

Most people are stopped from going after their dreams because they are afraid. They end up in jobs they don’t really want to be in…because they didn’t believe in themselves enough….or they didn’t have anyone who believed in their dream with them. If you have a dream, and are willing to work hard to develop the talent you have to become your best…AND are willing to go look for opportunities to share your talents…I say GO FOR IT!

Be sure to stay close to me. I will always be a reminder that you can make your dreams come true. With hard work, perseverance, belief in yourself and the decision to never give up you can achieve your hearts desires.

Wendy Alane Wright
The Hollywood Talent Manager
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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Every day I have actors asking me how they can get on TV or start their acting career. I love that actors have a goal and a dream. But they need to pepper that with a dose of reality too. If you want a career in acting you have to START ACTING RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. That is how actors start. They start in plays right in their hometown. Whether you live in Florida, Oregon, or Russia you must join a local theater in your own state and town and act in plays. You should be doing plays at your high school or college if you are still in school.

New actors pay attention - If you want to be an actor, then start to act where you are. Take acting classes right in the town you live in, or the closest town that has acting classes. You have to start your training as soon as you think you want to become an actor. Only well trained actors usually have successful careers as actors. People don't put you on TV if you can't act. Therefore your training is EXTREMELY important. After you have trained and gotten some experience in your local town, you might move to a bigger city that has better acting teachers and TRAIN SOME MORE.

A professional ice skater in the Olympics doesn't wait until they get to the Olympics to start training. An Olympic skater gets to the Olympics because they never stopped training. They started training right in their home town. They worked at it until they got better and better and better. The better they got, the more people noticed. The more people noticed, the more opportunities they were offered.

Recently a young man from Russia asked me how he could get on TV. I gave him these 5 tips:

1. Be doing performances in plays in Russia. When you are getting written up in the newspaper for your amazing performances then you have proven yourself in your own country. You need to make a name for yourself in the small town or small pond you are from before you jump into a huge pond like LA.

2. Make your own acting projects. Put on plays, put together a team of other actors who love it as much as you do -that have the professional equipment - then make short films together. Find writers, a director, camera man, sound man and good strong actors. Create your own film making team.

3. Enter your own short films you make in the Film Festivals.

4. Keep taking acting classes wherever you are. You can never stop training as an actor.

5. After you have done all of that for the next 3 years, then you can think about moving to LA. Being an actor is not something you only have to do in LA. If you want to be an actor, BE an actor right where you are first.

So that is my advice to you too. Stop waiting to get to LA to be an actor. If you really want to be an actor, you should prove it far before you get to LA. You should be doing as much acting work as you can right where you are. Real actors don't wait until they get to LA.

Philip Seymour Hoffman said this best:

Follow your dreams.

See you on the red carpet!

Wendy Alane Wright

Friday, January 31, 2014

What Your Agent Needs From You.


It’s not all about getting an agent and then hoping they submit you, while you sit around waiting around to hear from them. That’s not what it is about. An actor with an agent should be busy making short films, indie films, and webisodes. They should be collaborating with other actors and film makers to shoot their own projects. They should be continuously and tirelessly building their relationships with Casting Directors, Producers, Writers and other Actors who are also film makers. They should be self submitting relentlessly and creating every opportunity for themselves that they can. That is what working actors do.

If you do have an agent it is your responsibility to make sure your agent gets to know you and the depth of your talent by continually inviting them to see your plays, sending them new acting clips every few months, inviting them to your acting classes and project premieres. If you want them to believe in you and be fighting for you to get opportunities, they really have to know how talented you are and what you are capable of. They don’t learn this in the 15 minute meeting in which they choose to sign you and give it a shot with you. It is your job to grow and nurture that relationship. Same with your manager.

An Actor should be acting whether they are represented or not. A singer should be out singing in public and recording their own songs whether they have a record deal or not. I worry about any one who says they are an actor or singer but you can't go watch them do it anywhere. When you are aggressively pursuing your career, you should be out in the world doing your craft every week, every day, anywhere you can. As a singer, I sang with a band in LA bars, recorded with tons of different music producers, sang casuals at weddings on weekends with a booking agency, every week continuously - even when I had songs on the radio.  I was still out singing at every chance I could get, on anything, with anyone. You never stop.

I'd like to evaluate your efforts and write down everything you are doing now to build your career. Then write down everything you could also be doing. Then do it.

Wendy Alane Wright
Talent Manager
WAW Entertainment

Friday, November 15, 2013

The #1 resource for new actors, e-Book "Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager"

Talent Manager Wendy Alane Wright of WAW Entertainment a Boutique Talent Management firm in Los Angeles has released her new e-book “Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager.” "It is the #1 resource for new actors who want to break into show business." Are you ready to take charge of your career?

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Hello actors! I am so excited about my this book and giving you critical insider information I KNOW will help you get working in this business and achieve your dreams. The acting clients on my roster are working booking feature films, commercials, TV, websiodes, theater, short films, music videos, modeling jobs and indie films. That could be you too! If you want your life to be different next year than it is today don't wait another minute to get serious about your acting career. I can help you make it a reality. Now is the time.

Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager is a powerhouse collection of information gathered from my 25+ years of my experience in the entertainment business.  You will receive:

  • A list of photographers that 3 different Talent Agencies have personally hand selected and recommend to their clients.
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You DON'T want to be without this book. No new actor should be. Do yourself and your career a favor and buy it today. You will find nothing else like this. I have actually been told by a top manager not to give actors so much information. Are you kidding me? Good thing I have never been one to follow directions.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

52-Week Online Career Mentorship "The Winners Circle"

Step-by-Step 52-Week Online Career Guidance from a Hollywood Talent Manager

Beloved Actors, I am so excited! I have found a way to help make you a success :)

The problem you have, and all beginning actors have is - when you are new, most managers won't take you on because you probably won't make them any money for the first few years. So managers typically look for actors who are already working. But you still need a manager, or someone who can tell you what do you do?

At the beginning of your career, only a handful of lucky actors get a manager. But you still need someone who can help you and guide make sure you get great headshots that pop to casting directors, to help you figure out your type so your headshots will show your type,  to help you figure out which casting directors you should be meeting and where to meet them. You need a manager to teach you how to build you resume up so it will impress casting directors. You need a manager to help you understand how to use online marketing, postcards, actor one-sheets and followup emails with industry people. You need a manager to make sure you write great, professional cover letters, to help you decide when to join SAG-AFTRA, when to stop doing student films, what acting jobs should you be trying to put on your resume, how to get a commercial agent, how to create a demo reel, a sizzle reel and create profiles online that are great and resumes that POP! But you can't get a manager yet, because you aren't going to make them any money. But you still need one.

That is why I created an Online Program to meet every beginning actor's needs. It's called TALENT MANAGER IN YOUR POCKET - A STEP-BY STEP 52 WEEK COURSE. When you sign up for my program I personally guide you for 1 year online making sure you do all the right things to begin your journey as a working actor. It doesn't matter what part of the country you are in, I can help you do everything we just talked about. It is the solution to your catch 22. But this program isn't for everyone. It is only for real actors.

I am a Talent Manager with 25 years experience in the Entertainment Business. Prior to being a Talent Manager, I was a Talent Agent. I have worked in Casting, Production, Network Television and at top Talent Agencies and Public Relation firms. I was also a professional singer and actor so believe me, I know this business inside and out. I know what it takes to work in it. This program is only for serious actors. If this is a hobby forget about it, I can't help you.

As a manager, I usually represent about 25 actors at a time, who are working in film, tv, webisodes, print, indies, shorts, theater, commercials etc. I get my actors agents, they book jobs and they work. But I can't represent every actor that submits to me. This year alone I have received over 2,000 submissions. I can only handle 25 actors at a time. (and even that gets rough) That's why I created an online program to guide every actor who wants professional help advancing their careers.

My online program THE WINNERS CIRCLE - THE WAW ELITE ACTORS CLUB is a  STEP-BY STEP 52 WEEK COURSE that fills the gap- it gives you the direction of a Talent Manager so you aren't guessing what you should be doing, or wasting money and time. Trust me, you need guidance on so many things... you don't know 1/2 of what you are doing. I get so many submission from actors who don't know what they are doing. Every day I look at lousy cover letters, resumes wrongly formatted, headshots that don't work, and demo reels that look so amateuristic. No wonder those actors aren't getting ahead. I hate for you to be in that category sitting with Casting Directors missing out all your amazing talent. But now with my online program, I am so excited, (I really am) I can help every actor who wants professional guidance. Waahooo! And that includes YOU!


To sign up now, go to my website WAW Entertainment and join. Choose whether you want to be billed $100 monthly, or $300 every 3 months. By the end of the year you will be miles ahead of where you would have been without it. - See more at:
To sign up now, go to my website WAW Entertainment and join. Choose whether you want to be billed $100 monthly, or $300 every 3 months. By the end of the year you will be miles ahead of where you would have been without it. - See more at:

To sign up now, go to my website WAW Entertainment and join. Choose whether you want to be billed $100 monthly, or $300 every 3 months. By the end of the year you will be miles ahead of where you would have been without it. - See more at:
To sign up now, go to my website WAW Entertainment and join. Choose whether you want to be billed $100 monthly, or $300 every 3 months. By the end of the year you will be miles ahead of where you would have been with out it.

email me at to set up our first Skype Call. I look forward to speaking to your personally and getting to know you. We can talk about where you are right now in your career -what classes you have already taken, if any, and you can show me your current headshots and resume so I can review them and make changes to your resume to format it correctly. In our Skype conversation, we will also talk about your type, and your online profiles. I will give you immediate advice you can implement right away to get you onto the right path.

    I will be giving you all the SAME advice and guidance I give to all my signed actors. GO AHEAD AND SIGN UP TODAY!

    The cost is for this 1 year program is only $100 per month!  (That's less that $25 a week for professional guidance.) Compare that to just 1 acting class which costs $295 a month. So obviously, I am making it affordable for every actor who wants the guidance of a talent manager, but they are just to early in their career to attract one. You need a professional guiding you, so here is your opportunity. Just follow my simple monthly instructions for 1 year and step-by-step together we will advance your career.

    SO... congratulations on deciding to join the club and work with me.  You will also be receiving a FREE copy of my e-book "Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager" which we will use as a guide through the year, along with tons of helpful tools, audition secrets, workshops you should take, event invitations, and insider tips throughout the year to add to your success!

    Having a talent is a gift. Sharing it with the world is privilege. Having someone help you do it is good fortune. I look forward to working with you... if you are serious about doing the work :) 
This is going to be fun.

    See you on the Red Carpet,


    Wendy Alane Wright
    Talent Manager
    WAW Entertainment