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15 Ways To Book More Acting Jobs

Wendy Alane Wright is a Hollywood Talent Manager with WAW Entertainment. Her clients have appeared in numerous national commercials, movies, webisodes, short films, and on television networks such as ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, BIO, Lifetime, plus many more. Previous to being a Manager and a Talent Agent at Burn Down Entertainment, she assisted many high profile Managers, Agents and Publicists in the careers of Neil Patrick Harris, Johnny Galecki, Sarah Michelle Geller, The Four Tops, The Bee Gees, Meatloaf, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Guttenberg, The Cranberries Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers, and Neil Diamond. Wendy is also a Recording Artist, Actress, Author and Music Producer all  giving her a 360-degree perspective of the industry.

Every Actor has TWO  jobs. 
1) Get well trained. Train. Train. Train. And when you are the best in your class, switch to a class where everyone is better than you  and train until you are the best there too!
2) Be PROACTIVE every day. Book as much work as you can ON YOUR OWN. With or without an Agent or Manager. Agents and Managers are not responsible for building your career...YOU are.

When an actor is proactive and trains intensely, they become very interesting to agents and managers and can often find great representation who can add to their own efforts. The # 1 question I am asked by actors is “How do I book more acting jobs?” The answer is to hustle to find your own work. Introduce yourself to filmmakers, writers, producers, directors. You must get good at selling yourself.  And when you hand industry people your marketing package it should be top notch.

Your demo reel should be high quality HD with great sound and lighting; even if it is only 1 scene.  Make sure it is a strong piece of acting; very funny, scary, or even creepy is interesting. The character you are playing should be layered. It may start out with the character seeming like a sweet innocent person, but turns out they are hiding a terrible secret. Have a character Arc. Make sure your demo reel should is no more than 2 minutes, otherwise people will turn it off. 

Your headshots should be professional, well lit, hair and makeup done, and your eyes should be expressing real emotion. Your headshot should also reflect the types of character you are most likely to play.

Your resume should be formatted neatly and correctly. Filled with acting and training credits. I like to see 10+ shorts, student films and webseries on an actors resume. That tells me they have been working.

Finally you want to become exceptional at keeping in touch with people, offering your services, and following up using Post Cards, One Sheets and Castability Sheets. Every time you meet someone in the business that you hit it off with or work with add them to your contact book. Then every 3-6 months send them a note telling them what you booked lately and use your postcards, once sheets or castability sheets. Those are more creative and interesting to look at than a letter or an email. Remember to make relationships about what you can GIVE to the relationship, not what you can take from it. Add value.

Here are 15 specific ways you can get MORE acting jobs.
  1. Do many Student Films
  2. Do many Short Films
  3. Produce your own films, shorts, webseries. Don't wait for other to make your career.Submit your projects to festivals.
  4. Produce a Play. Cast yourself in it. Rent a Theater. Invite your friend and industry contacts.
  5. Network on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to find directors, actors and writers to work with.
  6. Backstage; read it every day and submit there.
  7. Do tons of Theatre
  8. Read Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety. Look for projects and network.
  9. Attend Film Festivals - Stay after films and meet the film makers. Give them your actor business cards and get theirs. Stay in touch, offer your help on their projects.
  10. Volunteer with SAG Charity Programs
  11. Join Film Making Groups
  12. Create Your Own Film Making Group.
  13. Attend Targeted CD Workshops
  14. Do Stand Up, Join an Improv Troupe
  15. Submit yourself every day to Actors Access and La Casting.
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Wendy Alane Wright
The Hollywood Talent Manager

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 Wendy Alane Wright is a Hollywood Talent Manager and the president of WAW Entertainment. Her clients have appeared on television networ...