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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What Happens If An LA Agent or Manager Wants To Represent My Child?

Every year acting/modeling showcases are also held throughout the country that bring in Managers and Agents from Los Angeles to see kids in other regions. Showcases are also held in California where kids in from out of state fly to California to be seen by Agents and Managers here in LA.

Every year I get asked by thousands of  parents "what happens if an Agent or Manager from LA wants to represent my child? Now pay attention to my answer because this is critical info that many showcase companies won't tell you because they are too busy taking your money and preying on the stars in your eyes. There are some wonderful Showcase companies who are totally honest about how the business works and those companies are the ones I support.

Just so you are FULLY informed, typically here is the way it REALLY works. You either submit DIRECTLY to an Agent or Manager:

1) You will/have attended a showcase or seminar. 

2) Your child showcases their talent by doing a monologue or commercial they have prepared.

3) If agents and managers are interested they will give your child a callback to see them again, typically on final day of the Showcase.

4) At the callbacks, you will speak to the agents and managers one by one. Likely they will ask you ONE QUESTION: Do you plan to MOVE TO, or BE IN LA consistently 2-3 months during pilot season (Feb, March and April) AND/OR  2-3 months during episodic season September - November.

That's the ONLY question. And the answer needs to be yes if they are going to represent you.

5) If you say no, there won't be very much they can do for you as 99% of auditions will be in Los Angeles. Here you are thinking, I've heard they can put my child on tape for auditions. Yes we can put you on tape for Series Regular, Recurring and Guest Starring roles on TV or roles in Films. But the majority of roles are still cast in the audition room in person.

More likely you may go on tape for several projects and as casting gets to know the children that tape, they will want to meet some of them in person when they come  to LA to stay for a few months.

Commercials, Co-Star roles and smaller roles in films are always cast in person in Los Angeles and THESE are the projects that typically hire new people like your child- these are the roles that help your child build their resume and to advance in the business.

6) If you are serious about pursuing acting with your child probably 80% of TV and Film auditions take place in LA. So if you are planning on being in LA for an extended period of time Agents and Managers will ask you to come back out and meet with them again, often to introduce you to other agents in their office. Some agencies make signing decisions as a team. If they like you enough they will sign a contract with you then.

7) You will be asked to create online profile with the casting websites; LA CASTING,

ACTORS ACCESS and CASTING FRONTIER. You will most likely be asked to shoot new headshots that are appropriate for the LA market.

8) When you are here in LA for 3-4 months, they will be submitting you on projects. Maybe you will get some auditions, maybe you won't. Maybe you will book some jobs, maybe you won't. No one knows. Every agent and manager takes a chance if they think your potential can make money for them.

Why do you need to be in LA for LA auditions? It works like this: An agent or manager sees a possible role that might be right for your child. They submit your child's picture. If casting wants to see your child they will ask you to come in with only 1-3 days notice. If you get a callback it could be the following week. Will you fly home in between? Your agent / manager will be submitting you every day- what if you get an audition this Tuesday and another one on Friday, then no auditions for 1 week and then another audition on Wednesday and a callback on Friday then no auditions for 2 weeks and then a callback the following week... are you planning on flying back and forth every week? No.

Agents and Managers expect you to be here for auditions they get you. And the truth is we don't know how many auditions you will ever get. Most people are not going to uproot their entire family for the possibility of having some auditions. People who do this are the ones who realize that their child is extremely special and want to pursue acting professionally for many years. They understand the best place to do that is in Los Angeles as there are more opportunities here, PLUS they have the financial means, or type of jobs which allows them to move here, or be here for extended periods of time.

If you are planning on coming to Los Angeles for 3 months so you can get an Agent and 
Manager in

Los Angeles who can also submit your child for projects here in California

There are 3 options of when to come:
1) Summer:  June, July and Aug
2) Episodic season: Sept, Oct, Nov
3) Pilot season: Feb, March, April

9) VERY IMPORTANT Whether you live here in LA, or wherever you live, acting is  skill that has to be mastered. You should always be working hard building your child's resume by doing student films, short films, webseries and theater. I highly suggest you read my ebook HOW TO BE A STAR RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE to learn the many ways you can build your child's resume and experience right where you live. You can find it at

My company WAW ENTERTAINMENT talent management in Los Angeles is always looking for talented kids ages 6-18 for Film, TV, Webseries and Commercials. If you live in Los Angeles or plan to be here for 2-3 months between Feb-July or Sept-Nov. submit Headshots, Resumes and a personality clip to
If we are interested we will contact you.

Please include: Photos of your child, age, height, weight, city and state you live in and a 30 second video of your child talking about something important to them. Sports, friends, school, food, movies etc. You can record the video on your iPhone, upload it to You Tube, mark video as unlisted and include the link in your email to us. If we are interested we will contact you. We want to get an idea of their personality. We look forward to reviewing your submissions.

There are vultures in this business preying on the dreams of parents and children who are entering show business. You can rely on me and my blogs to always guide you in the right 
direction. I would also like to suggest you get your information from these reputable sources 


Typically these showcases are all very expensive ranging from $5,000-$17,000 and there are LESS expensive ways to do this. Really those kinds of prices just make me see red. Instead read my e-Book "HOW TO BE A STAR RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE."  Spend $21 on the book and save yourself thousands of dollars - and learn how to submit your child to the EXACT SAME AGENTS AND MANAGERS at the expensive showcases. Don't get ripped off.

I have been to showcases to see kids and happen to ask parents... "So by the way, how much did you pay to be here?" I have heard $14,500 I nearly fell on the floor!!! The sad thing is the SAME group of agents and managers at the big $$$ showcases are the SAME EXACT AGENTS & MANAGERS at the smaller showcases in Los Angeles at places like ACTOR TRAINING IN LA, ACTORSITE or the LA ACTING ACADEMY in Phoenix. These have showcases several times throughout the year but at a fraction of the cost.

I tell people organizations like iPop, JRP and other showcases nationwide charge HUGE amounts of money for non-LA training and then send kids in front of LA talent Agencies and Managers, often completely unprepared for the LA market they are hoping desperately to break into. Of course we are looking to see which kids they do have that are READY for the LA market and have the skills we need. Sometimes we find FANTASTIC kids!

No matter what people tell you - THOSE ARE THE ONLY KIDS WE SIGN. We are NOT interested in the rest, but I promise you those organizations are going to take your money anyway, and insinuate great results.

I'm not against showcases... at all. I love them. It gives me an opportunity to meet lots of talented kids and teens, give them encouragement and see who has the potential to become a future client. Plus kids need to show their talents to people who can represent them and give them experiences or opportunities.  I am however, totally and completely AGAINST showcases that charge ridiculous amounts of money and offer poor training, then put kids in front of important people when they are NOT ready.

INSTEAD...PARENTS can simply send their kids headshot, resume and 1 minute personality clip to directly to agents by email (FREE) and if the agents or managers are interested, they can fly out to LA and meet with them.

BE SMART and INFORMED otherwise trying to get into this business can be very costly and get you nowhere.

You can download the eBook from here:
For further information about Show Business read more of my blog posts and watch the 300+ Insider videos posted on my You Tube channel SECRETS OF A HOLLYWOOD TALENT MANAGER.

Wendy Alane Wright
WAW Entertainment