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How Can My Child Meet Disney and Nickelodeon Casting Directors?

Wendy Alane Wright with Award Winning Casting Director Carol Goldwasser (CAST DISNEY SHOWS: Austin & Ally, Dog With a Blog & Hannah Montana)

In Los Angeles, child actors have the opportunity of doing workshops and 3-week intensives with Disney and Nickelodeon Casting Directors all year long. These CDs see these kids regularly so they know their talent, skill level and in fact, watch them grow up.  They know which kids are ready for the small roles, and which ones are ready to star in a series. They are following their progress.
When kids live out of state that don't have that luxury. Out of state kids don't have that continuous exposure to these very important people. If you live in LA, I always suggest to my clients and their parents to attend classes and workshops with Disney and Nickelodeon Casting Directors at least 3-4 times a year. There are 3 training schools in LA that I highly recommend that have these Casting Directors in regularly, as well as OUTSTANDING acti…


Video Taped Auditions are happening more and more often. It is CRUCIAL you learn how to master the technology regarding this very important audition skill. This is one of the very best articles I have ever read on SELF TAPING and I thought I should share it with you. This was written by my friend JACK TURNBULL owner of Actorsite in North Hollywood. Jack is responsible for training and building more series regulars than any one in the industry. If you are looking for acting training for your child i HIGHLY recommend you sign up for classes at ACTORSITE.


Video auditions are IMPORTANT and getting MORE IMPORTANT all the time. -  Jack Turnbull

Shooting your VIDEO AUDITION:

BEFORE YOU TAPE YOUR AUDITION, BE SURE TO PRACTICE YOUR SCENE AT LEAST 50 TIMES OUT LOUD! All of this preparation won’t help if you suck at your acting, so BE SURE TO PRACTICE IT OUT LOUD at least 50 times. Most scenes are just on…