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The Secret To Getting MORE Auditions - Insider tips from 30 Casting Directors, Agents and Managers!

25 Ways To Get MORE Auditions!
By Talent Manager Wendy Alane Wright

Every day actors ask me this question: "How Can I Get More Auditions?" The majority of actors I speak to feel they are just not "getting out enough" with their agents. Or they don't have an agent and they need MORE auditions. These 25 insider tips will help you get more auditions and make you more marketable to potential employers!
You should also know it is possible to get more auditions without an agent. You simply have to know what to do.

I am going to give you very specific advice for actors who want to increase their auditions. Assuming you already have trained extensively at becoming an actor, this advice won't be for the lazy actor. It will take WORK, but it works! 
And you are worth it.

I interviewed a bunch of my personal industry friends to give you the REAL information you need. I find that successful people are very willing to help new actors succeed. Don’t be intimidated by Casting Directors, Agents or Managers. We love actors; that’s why we do what we do.
If you want to learn HOW to get more auditions this book is a MUST READ for every actor - "25 WAYS TO GET MORE AUDITIONS - with Insider tips from 30 Casting Directors, Agents and Managers."!untitled/cktc
These answers are the REAL deal. In this book you will hear from people who hire actors EVERY SINGLE DAY. Take their advice to heart and put it into action. You CAN have a successful acting career. You just need to know what to do! 

Here are just a few Pros sharing their advice....
Chris Gehrt -  Casting Director 

Wendy, I think the two biggest ways to get more auditions are REPETITION and TRUST.  Always be performing, whether it be plays, stand up, sketch or Internet videos. Work begets more work. If a Casting Director is on the fence about calling you in, they're more likely to take a chance on you when they know you are taking this seriously by performing in mediums that aren't necessary for money or fame. Plus if you're constantly performing your resume will speak for itself.  

Actors are always told to promote themselves, which can sometimes make them appear like desperate car salesmen. The confidence you'll get from always performing will make you appear less desperate which in turn will make people in the industry take you more seriously. And at the end of the day, have fun with it because people like to be around people that are not a pain in the ass.  

Chris has worked in casting on 50 TV and film projects including Sons Of Anarchy, Teen Wolf and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Mark Atteberry - Working Actor

Wendy my advice to actors is always "persist." Nothing will get actors more work than simply keeping at it; working harder than everyone else and never giving up. And, I am a big fan of self-producing and creating your own work. That old adage of "work begets work" is so true. The more work you create for yourself the more work you'll get. I did a series of four short films with my very talented friends a few years back and it has led to tons of legit work for us all. All four films won at festivals, one got me a "Best Actor in a Leading Role" award and one went viral and got 40 million hits! That one is now being made into a feature film (Butterfly Circus). Spending several weekends with finds creating exciting work for ourselves has brought me more auditions and work than submitting to Actor's Access, doing Casting Director Workshops and sending out post cards could ever do combined. "Always be working" is my motto.

Mark has acted in 38 Film and TV projects including: Scandal, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, The Newsroom. The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Young & The Restless, Gone Girl and 24. He also has one of the best TYPE classes in the business located in Los Angeles called:


Melissa Skoff - Casting Director

My best advice is to get into an excellent class, be around actors, get a great reel up online, stay on top of your agent, and look your best. The more actors make themselves visible to the casting community, be it through actual film and TV bookings, plays, online media channels, mingling, etc., the better chance they have. But the ultimate criteria is, when you go into an audition or are asked to put yourself on tape, or whatever, how good really is your audition? Do you think out of the box? Did you give the character enough substance to stand out from other actors' auditions? Ultimately, it comes down to the impression one makes in the room. Casting people don't forget a great audition, whether or not you book the role. If not here, then hopefully something else that comes up will give
you another opportunity. Remember, you can always improve your cold readings and prepared readings. And a good buzz is always a great thing! 

Melissa has worked on 84 TV and Film projects including Soul Man, 18 Again!, Deep Star 6, Back To School, JAG, Quantum Leap, Dukes of Hazzard, and Police Academy; Mission to Moscow.

To hear what 23 more Industry pros say download your copy today.!untitled/cktc

Amy Jo Berman – Casting Director  (Yes we know eachother:)


Wendy, I tell actors if you want to get more auditions (which assumes you're already getting some but want MORE), then get REALLY good at knocking their socks off anytime you get any opportunity to audition. An actor is much more likely to have someone who knows and likes you bring you back again and again, than get in for the first time for someone who doesn’t know you at all. Leverage that relationship you already have by making sure you have extremely competitive auditioning skills. Great auditions make Casting Directors want to give you more audition opportunities.

As HBO’s Vice President of Casting, Amy worked on dozens of critically acclaimed, award-winning projects including John Adams, Recount, Game of Thrones, Angels in America, The Pacific, Elizabeth I, Grey Gardens, Rome, Boardwalk Empire and Game Change. To learn more from Amy please visit:


There are so many INDUSTRY PROS in this ebook sharing their insider advice ++ PLUS 25 of my own SECRET tips that I use to help my signed actors get more jobs in TV and Film. 

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See you on the RED CARPET!

Wendy Alane Wright

Talent Manager
WAW Entertainment 


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