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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Legit Talent Showcases for kids, teens and young adults.

Wendy Alane Wright with kids and their parents California Stars Talent Agent Showcase


As a Talent Manager in LA I am always looking for new faces, and talented kids for TV, Film, Print and Commercials. I attend showcases throughout the country looking for future stars with parents who are 1000% committed to helping them take on the many responsibilities required when getting kids into show business.

Parents have to pay for headshots, online casting websites, acting classes, workshops and take their kids to hundreds, sometimes thousands of auditions.  It's costly, competitive and a lot of work. For a handful of very lucky and talented kids there are HUGE payouts for this investment. For the majority there are smaller paying jobs here and there, but still  everyone gets a taste of the limelight nonetheless. It's fun, it's exciting and for me it's addictive!

Nothing thrills me more than helping a kid follow their dreams and seeing them succeed.

BUT, there are sharks in this business who will take your money and make empty promises that drain your bank account and feed on your child's dreams and your commitment to being great parents.

Who is for real? Who is a scam artist? How can you tell?

Let me help you...Every Parent should invest in IMDPRO so you can do your research. IMDbPro is a professional, subscription-based network to get deeper insights and invaluable information into the Showbiz industry, which you wouldn’t be able to find from some place else. With the monthly subscription you can find out exactly which agents have clients, which clients are working, which agents are reputable. All you have to do is type in their name and read about them.

When you are approached by a company offer training and a Talent Agent Showcase at the end, ask them who the agents are that will be attending. You can look those agents up on IMDBPRO.

Will every child be signed at a showcase? 
Many children will be signed but not all. Some kids are more ready than others. It takes time. California Stars Talent Showcase had a 100% Callback ratio at the last Industry Showcase. All over the country reputable Talent Agents and Talent Managers are at showcases to look for new faces, talented actors and committed parents to help kids get started on TV, Commercials and Films.

Yes, you can submit to agencies directly. Many kids get signed that way. You just send an email with your child's headshots, resumes, acting clips to agencies and interested agents may call you in for a meeting.

Doing a workshop or showcase where agents can see your child's work and personality and have one-on-one conversations with you and your child is a great start. 

Can you tell me the names of show talent showcases?
iPOP, IMTA, Barbizon, John Casablancas have been doing showcases for years. I have signed kids from them. My concern is they are expensive ways to give your children exposure and opportunity for representation - but in rural regions you may not have other options and access to industry people.

Some talent showcases are much more affordable like the Model and Talent Expo - which I HIGHLY recommend.  No matter where you go to be seen remember Agents almost always will want you to be in the city their agency is in. They can't do much for you if you are planning on staying in your home state after the showcase.

To learn more about what Agents and Managers expect if your child gets signed click HERE

That's why it's important to go into any showcases with realistic expectations. AGENTS AND MANAGERS ARE LOOKING FOR talent is taking their career seriously enough to move to the NEXT level. That means the talent needs to come to the agent or manager and move to the bigger city OR be in the bigger city for 3-4 months at a time. 

ALSO - Your child will be competing with thousands of kids they have seen that year at every event they have gone to. Do your child is only going to be as good as their training. If your child has zero experience and very little talent not much is going to come out of any show case you do, except maybe a fun experience for your kids. Natural talent is a great starting point, but kids needs training and lots of it. Remember Agents and Managers are looking for the best out of any group of kids. They will not hesitate to over look yours if they are good enough yet. That is not the fault of the showcase system. You as the parents are responsible for getting your children into as many acting classes as you can BEFORE you spend outrageous amounts of of money on showcases and wishful thinking.

Some Showcase systems offer good training and others do not. when you are just starting out you may know the difference. So to be safe and smart always have your children taking classes OUTSIDE of the showcase system as well. If you hear nothing else I am saying hear that.

Every year I put on the California Stars Talent showcases that bring in top teachers, casting directors, agents and managers.

Our latest showcase was no exception. I want to thank you parents for bringing your amazingly talented kids to our acting classes and my showcase!

CAROL GOLDWASSER, one of the Industry's Top Kids Casting Directors taught a scene study class

Over the years she has cast many Disney programs including Hannah Montanna, Dog With A Blog, and Austin & Ally.


Top kids Commercial Casting Director Scott Wissner taught  commercial audition class. 

WOW! Gabrielle Elyse one of the stars of Ricky, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn will  taught techniques for audition and improvisation. The kids were a little star struck:)

And actress Tierra Peters taught with Gabrielle. The kids learned so much and had so much fun! We were excited to have all these wonderful teachers!

In our Classes our students learn:

  • On-Camera Audition Techniques
  • Cold Reading
  • Commercial Acting 
  • Scene Study
  • Casting Interview Skills
  • and Improvisation
  • We get them ready and prepared to audition for agents. (Why pay thousands of $$ to put your kids in showcases if they are NOT ready!)
OUR AGENT SHOWCASE was AMAZING!  We had 7 top Agents and Managers come to see the 19 kids. 
9 of the kids were SIGNED!!


This was great opportunity for 19 wonderful kids. We all were happy to train them and get to know them. I fell in love with all of them:) I always do.

Unfortunately showcase companies like JRP, iPop, IMTA, Barbizon and others charge between $5,000-$17,000 for their showcase. In MY opinion that's OUTLANDISH. Sometimes the kids come out of their 3 month programs and don't even know what a cold reading is when they are done. They don't speak up, they mumble, Its embarassing.

You can also read a lot of books about how the industry works. Then you can make informed decisions:

Read Mine:
"How To Break Your Kids Into Show Business" by Wendy Alane Wright
"The Hollywood Parents Guide" by Bonnie Wallace

Find them on Amazon.

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