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Advice for Parents from Talent Manager Wendy Liles of WAW Entertainment

Wendy Liles, Talent Manager 
WAW Entertainment, Los Angeles

Wendy Liles comes from a background of working with children. After graduating with her Bachelors Degree in elementary education, she taught kindergarten for a few years before returning to The School of Visual Arts in NYC where she studied Graphic Design, Marketing and Branding, critical skills needed for today's actors. Both paths merged when her daughter displayed signs of being creative in the arts and won Best Actress at IMTA in Los Angeles where she met Hollywood Talent Manager Wendy Alane Wright. After working with Wendy and WAW Entertainment to advance her daughter's career, soaking in every aspect of the extensive knowledge that Wendy Alane openly shared, she began taking an interest in helping out in a professional capacity. Being a mom of a young actress herself, she has insight into the essential elements of laying the groundwork for a successful career as a young actor. She has personal experi…