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The Frustrations Of A Talent Agent

Wendy Alane Wright Talent Manager in Los Angeles Offers critical insider advice to actors and parents of actors who are looking to succeed in show business.
Hi folks! Today I am sharing a post from Atlanta Talent Agent Dorecia Carr. She shares many of the same issues Agents and Managers face in LA and NYC.
I'm a talent agent. Our agency has 2 branches; 1 in Atlanta and 1 in Chicago. We represent actors for television/film, commercial and Print. I take pride in the fact that I've built a very strong roster of actors, but the issues I run into everyday are nearly unbelievable. I wonder if other agents have the same problems.
There are so many things I'd like to address, but today, let's talk about the kids. We represent actors of all ages, but truth be told, the kids are our favorites (I hope my adult actors don't get jealous). Kids are so very interesting to me. They are extremely talented, and they are fearless. We have some AMAZ…