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How Can I Get Roles On Television?

How Can I Get Roles On Television?
To get on TV or Film do I need an Agent or Manager or both? First, let me say Agents are in the business of selling finished products. They do not develop actors. An Agent wants to represent a client who already has a developed resume, top acting skills and a strong demo reel, with professional headshots that match the TYPE of the actor. 
Without these tools you won’t get anything more than a “C” agent. To be represented by an Agency with clout you need to have your package together. 
Managers will develop you into a marketable package that well connected Agents will be interested in. There is a reason Managers typically sign a 3-year renewable contract. Year one we are developing you, year two you are starting to build relationships with CDs and year three you are starting to book. A Talent Manager doesn’t make any money until you start to book. So all the work we do the first two years to teach you about the business, about branding and marketing a…

How the Casting Process Works!

Every Actor and Parent of a Child actor should know how the casting process works.
Casting directors call in the actors that are submitted to them for specific roles. When a Casting Director has a role they need filled, they release information about that role on the breakdowns. Agents and Managers see that breakdown and submit any of their clients that fit that description. 

The Casting Director looks at all the pictures and acting reels that are submitted (500 or so) and then calls in the actors THEY want to see. For Commercials it can be in the thousands according to my friend Carol Lynn Sher at CESD. Sometimes they call in actor they have auditioned before, or hired before for other shows, or actors they have seen at workshops. Sometimes they call in actors they have never seen if they seem to fit the role.

There are different types of roles to audition for:

Series Regular (In every episode)
Recurring (in several episodes)
Guest Star (works 3-5 da…